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My instructor was excellent. I never dreamed I would have a job making the money I am now!

Jason F.

Domestic Truck Driving School worked around my schedule and made it easy for me to pass my CDL test.

Kyle C.

I passed my CDL test on my first try. I was impressed on the quality of instruction. They knew exactly what to teach me.

Britney D.

Domestic Truck Driving School, Thank you for all of your patient instruction and helpful hints. You taught me how to be attentive on the road and how to simply enjoy truck driving. Thank you for listening to me talk about girly things and for showing me around.


I’ve been to Domestic Truck Driving School before COVID,during quarantine and now after and throughout all they have been very dedicated to teaching their students all the necessary skills to get their license. Keeping their student safe like having online classes and limited seating in classes. I can’t thank them enough for helping me get my license. highly recommended to anyone.


Just graduating from Domestic Truck Driving School, I can hands down say this is the best schooling experience I have had. They have been extremely helpful in my learning experience. I chose them because they are extremely flexible with their schedules, which allowed me to keep my job while going to school.

Andry Lincoln

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